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We’re all in search of those few rare & pristine places still remaining in the world. Chile, with everything from deserts to icebergs, is one such destination.

We specialize in luxury wilderness travel in Patagonia & the rest of Chile, providing bespoke journeys that combine awe-inspiring nature & indulgence for the senses.

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Known as the land of giants, the world's southernmost frontier beckons you with its dramatic volcanoes, mountains, wind-swept lenga forests, turquoise lakes & ice blue glaciers.

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Discover the world's driest desert, its fauna & otherworldly landscapes, from spiked rock formations that spring out of the arid soil, to vast salt flats that extend as far as the eye can see.

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World famous for its hundreds of mysterious statues, Easter Island holds the remnants of a long-gone civilization. This isolated island in the middle of the Pacific will awaken you to the deep questions of life & the universe. The warmth of the Rapa Nui people awaits you.

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Chile’s capital sits surrounded by the snow-capped Andes & offers incredible views from wherever you look. A must-stop location offering the best of any lively metropolis... with incredible outdoor adventures just around the corner.

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Visit a colonial estate & treat yourself to some of the best wines & gastronomy in the world in Chile's lush vineyard valleys.

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Experience something remarkable. Something only an insider has access to. Hike in private estancias. Helicopter above Patagonian peaks. Kayak by majestic glaciers. Horseback through windswept plains. Fly-fish in hidden lagoons. Track pumas through the snow. And be transformed.

We take great care in designing our portfolio of exclusive experiences.

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Explore the unexplored. Connect with nature without the crowds. Venture into those singular, pristine places still left in Patagonia & Chile. We know them like no other.

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Everyone is unique and we work hard on crafting itineraries that are perfect for your tastes. No cookie-cutter solutions, we specialize in bespoke travel. Our concierge service will look after you 24/7. When you travel with us, you are in the best hands.

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No wilderness experience is complete without feasts and pampering. Soak in a natural hot spring overlooking a forest. Enjoy your single-malt with glacier ice. Be enthralled by the fire while a gaucho cooks Patagonia lamb. Enjoy a glass of wine in candlelight after a long day's hike. We make it easy for you to relax.

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Enjoy the ultimate exclusivity in accommodation. Our catalog of Private Homes boasts spectacular properties in some of the most remote areas of Chile, far from hotels & other travelers. Fully staffed for your stay, we provide everything you'll need for an extraordinary time.

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Journey aboard Chile’s finest vessels staffed by their expert captains and crew. Sail through pristine fjords & glaciers. Whale-watch in the Strait of Magellan. Behold the legendary Cape Horn. Your experience will be unforgettable.

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